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Before and After
Before and Afters
Before and Afters

Get Inspired to Get Fit!
These healthy weight loss success stories (complete with before and after photos) will motivate you to eat right, burn calories, and get the best body you’ve always wanted.

Let me start by saying that choosing to go to Romano Foundation was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I had my reservations and didn’t dare dream about reaching where I am today but I was determined to lose my weight. After my first meeting with Mr. Klaverweide, I began to believe that it could actually be done; he had more believe in me than I had in myself and throughout the entire process he always lent the perfect support. The fact that the menu changed on a weekly basis was a great boost to me because it was never what I thought “dieting” would be. The beginning was difficult for me since I was accustom to eating my first meal at lunch and another two after 4pm but now I had to eat breakfast and small meals up to five times a day. I lead a very hectic lifestyle so having to make time to exercise four times a week and prepare my meal plan for the day ahead of time was proving to be inconvenient for me. However, through the support of my parents, girlfriend, friends and Mr. Klaverweide, I never gave up and kept going and it eventually became easier and a total change in my lifestyle had taken place. I will always remember smiling the first time someone told me that I needed to buy new clothes or when I would not feel like falling flat on the floor after walking up two flights of stairs. Almost nine months has passed since I joined Romano Foundation and I have lost 95 pounds. Now not only do I feel lighter but happier and confident that I will be leading a better life.

For several years I had been trying to lose weight with very limited success. I would lose some pounds only to regain it with interest. Then in October of 2009 I saw an ad in the newspaper that said, “Lose 20 lbs by Christmas”, there was also an accompanying website. I joined The Romano Foundation on October 28, 2009 and suddenly became the incredible shrinking woman. By Christmas I lost 18 lbs.
The meal plans were simple to follow and the weight just kept coming off every week. I was really very surprised by this because even though I saw the evidence in the before and after photos I still wasn’t convinced it would work for me.
Today I’m 33 lbs lighter and feeling great. I receive so many compliments from friends at work and I tell everyone who asks how I did it, about the Romano Foundation. I have since become a Fan of Romano Foundation on Facebook and I plan to put up my before and after photos on my facebook
page with the hope that I can inspire someone struggling with their weight. Thank you Romano Foundation.

Allison Legall:” My diet was user friendly, I lost 22 inches of fat, i look great and sexy. No starving, I could eat as much as i want and enjoying it. Form a total success “Today I am 71 lbs lighter and encourage all my friends and people at work to do this and think
about their health” —

“Do it !. The staff is very helpful, friendly, very informing and professional. I did this and am a different person now. I am wearing clothes from 10 years ago. Thank you Romano Foundation. I lost 54 lbs, can you ?” —

Carter: ” I felt good about myself, much more self esteem and confident that looking better was not just a dream, but could come true. I lost so much weight without a hassle.”

My name is Luke Rajack, I am 24 years old and live San Fernando.

I started the weigthloss program in July 2009 at the Romano Foundation and since then I have been going all the way to POS every Wednesday to meet with the nutritionist to accomplish my goals………and I have! I started at a weight of 370 lbs and I am now 198 lbs. One day I was looking in the mirror and everything went through my mind, all the things that I could not do anymore and still wanted to do in life, my health and all of the complications and I said……..I have to improve my health. I personally find it was very hard to stick to the diet regime, but I must say it was the easiest diet that I had ever tried and much easier to keep up with compared to everything else I had tried. My focus and will power is what got me through…..and the continuous support and motivation of the Romano Foundation. It wasn’t easy, but I knew it was not going to be easy since day one and I knew what I was starting with.I now feel a million times better and healthier. I lost in all 172 Lbs.

I am able to do things that I could not do before and had actually never done in my entire life. It is a whole new life for me……….I’m loving it!

Hey, I’m Diann and I’ve lost over 38lbs during the course of 21 weeks using the Romano’s Foundation Weight Loss Program. Since I was 11 years of age till about 5 months ago I was overweight. I tried various diets over the past 13 years and none were as successful as this particular diet program. Today I can safely say that I’m not overweight anymore and I feel so much healthier, happier and slimmer. This was not only possible through dieting and exercising but also having the support of my family, friends and nutritionist, Mr. Derrick Klaverweide. His guidance and Romano’s knowledgeable staff have made my diet less difficult and more interesting to follow. As I tell everyone, losing weight can be very challenging but it all depends on you to do something good for yourself by taking a step on the Romano’s weight loss program and becoming healthier for life.