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People are confused about how to achieve healthy weight loss that’s permanent. That’s why we’ve created this list of the Top 8 Exercise Tips For Rapid Weight Loss. The best weight loss program absolutely must include regular exercise, so with that premise in place let’s take a look at some real, honest and accurate weight loss information.

Many people have been encouraged to walk 10.000 steps per day to maintain fitness, and “10.000 Clubs” have cropped up all over the country. Unfortunately, just walking won’t lead to much in the way of fat loss. Research done in Canada found that people who perform a low intensity activity (like walking) lose a lot less fat than those who exercise more intensely. The primary reasons are that walking doesn’t get you into the target heart rate zone and doesn’t increase your metabolism very much following exercise. Because walking doesn’t burn much muscle glycogen, the body won’t metabolize much fat after a walking workout. A much better approach is to exercise intensely (above 65% of maximum effort).

To solve your weight issue once and for all, it’s vital to incorporate some type of aerobic exercise or light weight lifting into your exercise plan. Scientists at the University of Colorado (Denver) discovered that resistance training for seventy minutes burned as many calories as running at seventy percent of maximum capacity for fifty minutes (source: Med Sci Sports Exerc; 34: 1793-1800, 2002). When you consider all the other benefits imparted by resistance training (stronger bones, ligaments, muscles, etc.) it becomes clear that incorporating weight training into your workout regiment is one weight loss tip that works. Check with your Consultant when you can start more intense training.

Our third exercise tip is quite simple: just do it! Exercise is simply the best, fastest and most efficient way to reach your ideal weight and lose fat for good. When you rely on dieting alone to help you achieve your fitness goals you will always be disappointed.

This next exercise tip may seem like common sense, but it still bears repeating. If you want to reach your ideal body weight faster, you must participate in weight loss exercise more often. It was back in 1996 that the Surgeon General began encouraging Americans to work out in 30-minute increments. Working independently, the United States National Academy of Sciences and the World Health Organization later reported that people wanting to lose weight faster should exercise up to forty to sixty minutes a day. Too much exercise can again stop weight loss. Check what your blood type profile advises about exercise.

You’ve probably heard that you should find a workout buddy to help you get to the gym. That’s good advice, but a better idea is to find a ‘challenger’. A ‘challenger’ is someone that gets in your face and challenges you to do better. He or she makes you uncomfortable by making you accountable. Sometimes the best thing someone can do for us is to make us mad, embarrassed or uneasy! This prompts us into action, and that action is for our own benefit. Do you have a ‘challenger’ in your life? Get one, and get one today! Maybe it can be your friend from work, or perhaps someone from church. How about a sibling? A ‘challenger’ is someone who knows you well enough to push when you need to be pushed, who will not let you make excuses. A good ‘challenger’ will call you at home and question why you’re not at the gym today. A good ‘challenger’ will stop by your desk at work to see what you’re eating today. A good ‘challenger’ will not let you fail.

The next exercise tip is that, in addition to a ‘challenger’, you need to find an ‘encourager’ to help you with your diet and exercise program. An ‘encourager’ helps you without accusing. An ‘encourager’ supports, believes in, and bolsters you at all times. Do you have an ‘encourager’ for your battle against fat? You should get one. Everyone needs an ‘encourager’ just as much as they need a ‘challenger’, perhaps more. Whereas a ‘challenger’ will demand that you get to the health club today, an ‘encourager’ will pick you up on their way to the gym and make it fun enough that you’re glad you went too.

If you don’t have time to complete a full exercise session, at least do SOMETHING physical. If you simply don’t have time to get into the fitness center at all it’s better to make sure you get at least some level of activity. You could, for example, walk up the stairs during your lunch hour and burn 100 calories in a ten-minute climb. The bottom line is that every activity burns at least a few calories (even watching television burns 75 calories per hour!), so even if you skipped your workout today you can still get active.

The final exercise tip in this list is to work out where you’ll find the most weight loss support and weight loss motivation to encourage you. Even the best weight loss system in the world is without value if you don’t follow it, and the most advanced weight machine won’t do you a bit of good if you don’t use it (that’s why there’s exercise equipment sold at almost every yard sale). Many people find the support and motivation they need at a health club. Together with others who are ‘in the same boat’, you’re much more likely to stick with your healthy diet and exercise program.

If you’re ready to lower your body fat percentage once and for all, try these top 8 exercise tips for rapid weight loss. The only thing you have to lose is the weight!