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TIPS to lose and keep weight off

(please read before meeting with the consultant)

1. Dieting is not difficult but don’t under estimate it. Self control and control what you eat will help to survive. You don’t have to eat a whole set of starches to be full. Follow the recommended diet strictly; eat as much as you can. Dieting is not about starvation.

A good start brings a quick finish.

2. The program has 3 phases. Induction phase, second phase (with slow introduction of starches) and the 3rd phase (maintenance). At the end of the day, you want to keep the weight off. The nutritionist can teach you how to eat macaroni pie, KFC, ice cream, chocolate and cheese cake with NO WEIGHT GAIN. However keep in mind that you can never go back to old eating habits otherwise the weight will creep back on.

3. Don’t skip the consultations. KEEP COMING! The consultation and meeting with other dieters helps mentally and keeps you on track. Everybody in the before and after book and others on the maintenance program remained in the program for several months. Even if you slip and fall off the wagon, start back your program and don’t feel embarrassed to come back.

4. Don’t make your own diet or follow the diet program on your own. You have tried many times before and failed over and over again. Your nutrition list is specially designed with weight loss combinations based on a food counter, blood type profile, your health condition, Glycemic Index, and latest research reports from Boston University USA and other scientific studies. Romano Foundation is recommended by the Worlds highest Health authority, the World Health Organization ( see letter at office)

5. Use Natural Herbal Supplements like Vitamins (anti – oxidants), fiber tablets with special formula, iodine and other recommended items. In this modern fast world your meat and vegetables are loaded with toxins your body cannot reject without a little extra help. Your digestion, metabolism and hormones are under attack. Compare yourself with your parents and their friends and you find out that 30 -50 years ago people were not so fat and sick as now. People die earlier and have 10 times more diseases than before.

6. There is no magic spell in your diet. Don’t expect a miracle! Weight loss is not a overnight procedure. Don’t get discouraged if you lose little or no weight at times. Instead, study your size loss and how much better you feel. Don’t compare yourself with younger people or other fellow dieters who lose 25 lbs in 3-4 weeks. Your body is different and follows the nutritionist’s recommendation. Put away your scale. Don’t weigh yourself every hour of the day. Your body is not a programmable computer that loses weight every minute. Wait until you have your consult with the nutritionist.

7. Trini’s have a popular social lifestyle —-LIMING! Alcohol usage is most of the times a great part of this. Romano Foundation’s diet recommends alcoholic beverages but always in moderation. Ask the nutritionist what you can or cannot drink.

8. Exercising is one of the most important factors that help with weight loss, However not the most important. A wrong exercising program could work against you when trying to lose weight. Check with the nutrionist how to do the best exercise. Mostly cardio or light weights with high reps would be recommended.

9. See dieting as a challenge and achieve your goals. Achieving your weight loss goal gains self-esteem, better looks, a new wardrobe and health. They say money can’t buy health, but you can surely pay for help, to get to understand how to be healthy. Don’t waste your time and money. Be motivated and determined to change. A positive mind can move mountains.

10. Don’t let friends and family bring you down. “You will gain it back” – “ don’t lose too much weight, you will look ugly” – “ don’t say no to momma’s food” – “ eat with us nah, it won’t hurt” – “ you come lime with us and you don’t drink and eat “ ——-AT THE END OF THE DAY YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF. IGNORE THEM!!

11. Start your diet now! The clock is ticking and before you realize you are 50 lbs heavier.


Good luck!