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Sponsored Projects

sponsored-projectsIn 2003, Frank Tull sponsored over 1,000 low income people in Trinidad & Tobago to participate in health awareness programs directly targeting the Island’s Death Cause nr. 1, Cardio Vascular Disease. Weight Loss programs, free advice and Therapy for Diabetics, Free Acupuncture Therapies for those who seek other help than traditional medicine.

The Nutritional Consulting Facility has guided more than 1,000 smokers to quit their habit for Free. For Suriname the registered organisation for the Quit & WIN quit smoke competions 2002 and 2004 which is held in more than 144 Countries worldwide by the World Health Organization. In Trinidad more than 30,000 people have benefited from free diet programs for Cardio Vascular and other Chronic diseases.

Romano Foundation is awarded by Ministry of Health in Suriname for its outstanding performance and dedication to help those with smoking habits. Since 2003 in Suriname and 2004 in Trinidad & Tobago, we have conducted many different road safety awareness programs. In Suriname in collaboration with the PAHO and Ministry of Justice and Police. Scientists predict road accidents to become 2020’s largest single killer among society.