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Quit Smoke Programs

“My intention….. quit smoking!!!”

People who smoke are fully aware of their action. When you smoke you do it out of your own willpower. The disadvantages of smoking are familiar. They are even written on cigarette packs and under every commercial for tobacco. Still, not enough smokers are decisive about the sicknesses caused by smoking (lung cancer, clogged blood vessels, coronary heart disease, etc.).

Highlighting the benefits of putting out a cigarette permanent should therefore be more effective. Within a few days you already see drastic improvement. Studies of The American Department of Health and Human Services have shown that after smoking your last cigarette, the following happens to your body:



After 0 – 2 days
Your blood pressure stabilizes, the temperature of hands and feet increases, and nicotine and by-products disappear out of the body.

After 3 – 2 weeks
Breathing improves, the capacity of the lungs increases.

After 2 – 4 weeks
Exercising is easier; you’ll have more energy.

After 1 – 3 months
The lung function improves, the lung tissue starts to recover, and you’ll have less chest infection trouble.

After 3 months – 1 year
The risk of getting a lung disease (like lung cancer) or a coronary heart disease decreases; you’ll feel physically and mentally stronger.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization) each day about 14.000 people die as the result of smoking. Cigarette smoke can also be harmful to your environment. Those among you can suffer from all kind of diseases, even before you do.


Quitting one time is the best way to stop; do not phase off.
No alcohol; alcohol slackens your strong will to quit.
Put away ashtrays and lighters from your home and office.
Avoid bars and other places where people smoke heavily.
Hold on to the desire that you want to stop and make sure that nothing will jeopardize this.
Write down all the reasons why you’re quitting and make sure you paste it somewhere where you can see it every day.
Exercise or go out, keep yourself busy and do anything to keep your mind off cigarettes.
Drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fruit.
If you’re overweight, contact The Romano Foundation. They will help you lose the weight.
Use vitamins and other homeopathic supplements to boost your immune system.

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