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About us

The Romano Foundation is a member of The Tull Group of Companies.
The Tull Group of Companies is a dynamic organization that conducts business globally to achieve high quality standard service in all projects.
With our headoffice in Suriname we provide services to the Health Sector, the Energy sector and the housing industry.

The Romano Foundation established in Suriname in 1993 as a non-profit Non-Governmental Organization helping out those who are less fortunate.
Since 1998 Romano Foundation’s Board of Directors changed, and son of the establishing parents, Mr. Frank J. Tull, took role as Chairman.
With numerous of charity projects Romano Foundation initiated business relations with The Netherlands and since 2003 opened a branch in Trinidad & Tobago.

Frank TullFrank Tull, a certified Electrical Technology Consultant from home, holds a degree in Nutritional Consulting, Homeopathy and is presently finishing a degree in Pharmacy. Romano Foundation has a business unit which has experienced rapid growth for these last years. We conduct business with the largest Homeopathic Wholesalers in Europe and USA.

Along with many of our product sales we sponsor health programs. Romano Foundation collaborates with many different International Organizations to promote healthy lifestyle and has sponsored many projects for others.